400_F_44129615_SLTzAPYFGelPfT5kUZUHyuhVVBOZRGkj“SIC Specialized Industrial Chemicals- Specjalistyczna Chemia Przemysłowa” was set up in 2005 by the present owner MSc. Eng. Mariusz Rzucidło. The name of Company relates to its scope of activity namely sales, development and enhancement of chemicals and specialty additives purposed for B2B industrial companies. SIC for the abbreviation of Company name and includes initial letters of: Specialized Industrial Chemicals. The name of Company includes also foreign-language words introduced as a result of close cooperation with partners abroad, particularly at the beginning of our activity. Such cooperation and contracts concluded with leading suppliers of specialty chemicals on the Western markets provided grounds for the origin of Company’s activity. However to testify to continuity and tradition, Company still has got the same name and logotype. In 2007 dynamic Company growth followed thanks to contracts concluded with domestic manufacturers supplying niche products and specialty chemicals. From this time on, a number of offered products, as well as customers have increased significantly. We are proud that the biggest and most demanding customers from different industries trusted us. Our Company is the certified supplier of many famous and highly regarded manufacturers. This provided boost and motivation for hard work and further growth, including marketing, as well as sales and development of our products. Further growth of Company, and launched R&D facility contributed to our success. The present offer includes latest chemical agents and products under private brand of– SICol. Our success oriented and creative team of highly qualified specialists provides unique solutions and products in response to dynamically changing market needs. Our Company continues searching for new ideas and challenges because we are passionate about the fascinating world of chemistry!

2018 SIC