26mOur offer includes solutions tailored to individual needs that optimize processing, including the following products:

1. Paper impregnation additives:

  • Urea and melamine resin hardeners,
  • Release agents (”Trennmittel”),
  • Agents inducing paper wetting (’Netzmittel”),
  • Anti-dust agents,
  • Anti-static agents,
  • Anti-blocking agents,
  • Plasticizers,
  • HMMM type resins.

2. Chlorine free hardeners for urea- formaldehyde adhesives used for veneering during pressing (roll presses and short-contact presses) – SICol UF1.

3. Urea, melamine and phenolic resin hardeners – SICol MH, SICol UH and other.

5m 4. Release agents purposed for different industries, including:

  • Manufacture of chipboards (OSB, MDF, NPB boards)
  • Rubber products production
  • Manufacture of Polyurethane products
  • Manufacture of composite products

5. Agents for drilling technology:

  • Lubricants for drilling mud
  • Agents reducing density of formation water

6. Additives for copper flotation:

  • SICol E and SICol B flotation collector
  • SICol CU foaming agent

To find out more please contact:11m Anna Wronka Research& Development Manager Phone: (17) 787 85 36 email:

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